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Volunteers are needed in many areas. As the rescue covers the whole country, there is often an overlap in duties. Loving and caring foster homes are needed, but there are many other ways to support the cause. Reviewing Petfinder and other such sites for dogs that may be listed. American Water Spaniels are often mislabeled as spaniel mixes. We also need volunteers to help with transport, fundraising, education and outreach. Please contact a board member for more information.


Fostering is a valuable and rewarding experience. Foster families provide a loving home and stable environment for dogs in rescue. This includes training, vet care and making the dog part of the family. Foster families generally provide food for the dog and rescue reimburses for approved medical costs. Foster dogs are required to be kept in the house with the family. Training, socialization, and care are all part of what the foster family teaches a foster dog. Dogs are in foster care for a minimum of 3 weeks for observation and evaluation. Once a dog is placed up for adoption, the foster family is key in assisting with the selection of the right forever family.

Our dogs are also listed on Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet (formerly and Pets911.

American Water Spaniel Rescue, Inc. was created to promote the well being of the American Water Spaniel through the use of education, prevention, information and other purposes. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. While we have no other affiliations, we do work in partnership with other rescue groups